Bausch Photography has been an established business for approximately twenty years, and to this day strives to present the latest in photographic styles within an ever-changing industry, both technologically and creatively.

  This year alone, Chris Bausch has attended intensive seminars on the latest techniques, including a 3 day seminar on portraiture and business. A course on advanced digital retouching for modeling was also completed. To keep preexisting skills sharp, British photographer Karl Taylor's course for the latest about shooting on location, high end still life, quality lighting in the studio and other challenging subject matter was also taken this year. Moreover Chris Bausch has been educated in the use of digital brushes in Photoshop for the purpose of multiple very popular effects seen in famous magazines, ranging from smoke and fog effects to powder sprays and splashes, to name a few.

  Such yearly courses keep Bausch Photography's product looking current and exciting for clientele, avoiding the often stagnant and repetitive work some photographers turn out from from failing to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Our pride in photographic excellence continues to show in the high quality work we present to our clients.